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Greater Louisville Council Off To Quick Start

GLCb has hit the road running in 2015 by offering programs from 5:30 to 8:30 (doors open at 5) on Tuesday and Friday nights. On Tuesdays participants will focus on a variety of topics including technology, independent living, genealogy and more. Friday nights will feature games, crafts and more. Those interested in participating should call 502-895-4598 for the latest information and to registrer. There is a $5 charge to cover meals and materials. All activities are held at United Crescent Hill Ministries, 150 South State Street, Louisville. Please join us for lots of sharing and fun!

SAVI Reaches Out

Owensboro area residents will have two opportunities to learn more about the Support Alliance of the Visually Impaired (SAVI) , KCB an ACB in the next two weeks. Members will participate in a short live interview on Midday With Mike on January 21 on NBC station WFIE channel 14 in Evansville Indiana. The second opportunity will occur from 10 AM to noon on January 31 when members visit the Daviess County Public Library (2020 Frederica Street) to celebrate Louis Braille's birthay, share information about Braille and other writing systems used by the blind, and distribute lots of information. Mike Hudson, APH museum curator, also plans to participate.

GLCB Dine Out

Make plans to participate in a GLCB dine out on January 24 from 4:30 to 7 PM at El Nopal located at 1041 Zorn Avenue in Louisville. Call 502-895-4598 for more information an to make reservations.

Two New Chapters Receive Charters

The Kentucky Council of the Blind presented charters to two new chapters at its 41st annual convention which was held November 21-22 at the Ramada Inn on Zorn Avenue in Louisville. The Support Alliance of the Visually Impaired (SAVI) was approved at the September KCB Board meeting. SAVI is based in Owensboro, and joins with 20 members. Rick Boggess is the President of the new group which meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Wing Avenue Baptist Church in Owensboro.

KCB Next Generation (for those under 40) also recieved its charter. The KCB Board voted to approve the chapter's application at its October 20 meeting. Joey Couch is the President of the new group.

ACB Braille Forum and ACB Reports in Apple Store

The ACB Braille Forum and ACB Reports podcasts are now available in the iTunes store.In the iTunes store you can search for Braille Forum and you will see the rss feed appear and then you can subscribe to it. You can alsosearch for acb reports and that feed will appear as well.

If you have the iPhone 6 or 6 + you can double tap on the podcasts icon and search for either braille forum or acb reports and find the podcasts.

Top News Stories

CVS Health Expands Acccessible Label Options

On January 5 CVS announced that it will begin using the ScripAbility prescription accessibility system to expand its mail order offerings to its CVS/caremark members who are blind or visually impaired. In addition to the ScripTalk talking prescription labels which they began offering in March 2014, CVS will be able to generate braile and large print labels for prescriptions ordered for home delivery through its online pharmacy,

The ScripTalk talking labels provide a safe and convenient way to access information on prescription labels for individuals who cannot read standard print. The ScripTalk labels are free to CVS/caremark members who are blind or visually impaired. Members can also obtain a free ScripTalk reader from Envision America that will enable them to listen to the information on the ScripTalk label..

The latest announcement is the result of collaboration between CVS Health, the American Council of the Blind (ACB), and several CVS/caremark members.

Members can request a product from the ScripAbility suite by contacting Caremark's call center at 800-552-8159 or 800-450-3755. To inquire about the readers required to read the ScripTalk labels contact Envision America at 800-890-1180.

ACB Mini Mall Now Open

It's the Latest! It's the greatest! It's the all-new ACB Mini Mall, and it's open for business. Grab your credit card and come right on over to the ACB Mini Mall. You don't need a car; you don't need paratransit; you don't have to wait for a cab or a bus. You don't even have to get dressed to go shopping. Just click here to visit the ACB home page" or click here to go directly to the Mini Mall webpage" AND START SHOPPING!!!

Several shops are now open in the Mini Mall. Browse the ACB Logo Shop, ACB Radio Wave, and the Cane Kiosk and more. More shops are coming soon, and more products will be added every day.

Some products in the Mini Mall ship "Free Matter for the Blind" while others are eligible for combined shipping. For most items that do not ship free matter, the first item ships for $6.00 and each subsequent item is $2.00. Shipping charges may be more for very large or bulky packages. Shipping will not be charged at check-out; rather, it will appear as a second charge to your credit card so that we may ensure that you pay the lowest amount possible.

Tell all your friends about the Mini Mall. Remember that every purchase supports the good work of the American Council of the Blind.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions, or wish to place an order by phone? Email the Mini Mall at or call us at 877-630-7190.

Happy shopping!

TalkingGuide Now Available to Comcast Customers

Comcast is making the TV viewing experience more accessible to its visually impaired cable customers who subscribe to its X1 digital service. The Talking Guide will read out channel listings and program descriptions in a lifelike electronic voice. As a result, visually impaired Comcast subscribers will be able to independently access onscreen information already available to sighted viewers. This will make it easier to change to desired channels, locate favorite programs, and program digital video recorders. Since the cloud-based system operates on the cable provider's data network, users will not have to get new equipmentg. This new feature is now available to all Comcast X1 digital subscribers. Click here for additional information including a short video demonstration.

According to Comcast, the talking guide is the first offered by any cable company in the United States. It was developed in response to the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 which requires cable companies to start offering audible menus to make onscreen commands usable by people who have vision problems. The American Council of the Blind was one of the groups which worke to help insure passage of this legislation.

Free Currency Reader Program Expanding in January

In early July, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) announced that, as an interim measure in advance of issuing tactile-enhanced Federal Reserve notes, it would begin providing the iBill Talking Banknote Identifier free to eligible blind and visually impaired individuals in two phases. On September 2, 2014, in partnership with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) the BEP initiated a four-month pilot program allowing NLS patrons to pre-order a currency reader. During this phase eligible NLS patrons have been able to call 1-888-NLS-READ or the Kentucky Talking BookLibrary at 800-372-2968 to request a unit. Beginning on January 2, 2015, Currency readers will be widely available to all U.S. citizens, and persons residing legally in the U.S., who are blind or visually impaired. Individuals who are not NLS patrons must submit an application, signed by a competent authority, certifying eligibility. Click here for more information about the program and to download the application.

It should also be noted that EyeNote® for IOS and the IDEAL Currency Reader ®for Android are availabel free to those using these devices and can be downloaded/installed by visiting the appropriate stores. The Bureau of engraving and Printing hopes to begin circulating tactual currency by 2020.

Structured Agreement Announced With WellPoint

Attorneys Linda Dardarian and Lainey Feingold, who have successfully negotiated structured agreements with a number of companies in recent years, recently announced that another agreement has been reached with WellPoint, a company that owns Anthem, Blue Cross and Blue Shield operations across the United States. Under the settlement all WellPoint companies have agreed to provide insurance information in braille, large print, audio and electronic formats. They've also redesigned their websites and mobile applications to be accessible. To find out if your state is covered "Click here."

Members can request the alternative formats by calling the number on the back of their health insurance card, or any other number they use to reach a WellPoint company.

To provide feedback about your experiences with the new program call 510-548-5062 or email Lainey Feingold at

Meet the Kentucky Council of the Blind

Welcome to the website of the Kentucky Council of the Blind.

KCB is a state affiliate of the American Council of the Blind. KCB has hundreds of blind, visually impaired, and sighted members throughout the Commonwealth.

KCB is the leading nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization of the blind and visually impaired in Kentucky. KCB works for equality and independence for all people with vision loss. KCB advocates for quality education for blind children and youth, expanded training and job opportunities for visually impaired adults, improved services for seniors over age 60 who are just losing their vision, and better public transportation for people who cannot drive.

KCB supports issues that touch all blind and visually impaired people, such as:

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